Berchida beach

Berchida beach is located along the eastern coast of Sardinia within the territory of the municipality of Siniscola.

The beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy, thanks to the particular light color of the sand and the clarity of the water.

The landscape that appears upon arrival is wild, unchanged over time: the junipers and olive trees extend luxuriantly to the beach and the scent of the helichrysum joins the sea breeze.

How to reach Berchida beach: For those arriving from the north along the SS 125, turn left at Km 242 just before an old roadman’s house, once you turn left you need to go along a dirt road for about 3.5 km.

Along the way, after about 1.5 km there is the opportunity to visit the nuragic site of Conca Umosa and then the ancient village of Rempellos.

There is no customer of the Residence La Rosa who, after choosing our apartments for rent in Sardinia, does not rush to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

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