Tavolara beach

The island of Tavolara is located in Gallura included in the territories of the municipalities of Olbia and Porto San Paolo. The Island of Tavolara is located within the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara Punta di Coda Cavallo established in 1997 to preserve the stretch of coast in front of the centers of Porto San Paolo, Olbia and San Teodoro. Tavolara with the remarkable height of 565m above sea level stands majestically in front of the town of Porto San Paolo and is visible from the summit of Monte Albo as well as from Corsica. Its appearance and color recall the mountains of the interior of Sardinia (Monte Corrasi, Monte Albo) and the Gulf of Orosei, with the characteristic light gray color of the limestone massifs: it can be observed that the nearby island of Molara and the stretch of coast facing the island, except Capo Figari, do not have the same characteristics. On the island there are numerous colonies of sea birds (herring gull, Corsican gull, cormorant, shearwater, shearwater, shag). Even the golden eagle has found shelter in the ravines of the island of Tavolara, there is a couple that habitually reproduce. Until 1953 the monk seal was also present on the island of Tavolara, now extinct in almost all of the Mediterranean. Then on the mainland there is a colony of wild goats descendants of those abandoned by the inhabitants of the island who moved to the mainland in the 1960s.

Reach the island of Tavolara

The stretch of coast of Sardinia closest to the island of Tavolara is that of the municipality of Porto San Paolo.

In the small tourist port of the town it is possible to rent rubber dinghies and small boats to visit the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara Punta di Coda Cavallo or take advantage of the excursions aboard boats piloted by local people who will be able to follow the most characteristic itineraries inside. of the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara Punta di Coda Cavallo.

Worth noting are the excursions organized by Mr. Rocco Luciano’s “Tavolara Navigazione” (info: 0789 / 40210–339 / 7590974–347 / 3788432).

From the bedrooms of our apartments for rent in Sardinia you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Island of Tavolara.

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