Bidderosa Oasis

Bidderosa is a naturalistic oasis located along the eastern coast of Sardinia within the territory of the municipality of Orosei.

The Bidderosa park has an extension of about 530 hectares covered mainly by Mediterranean vegetation with varieties such as juniper, mastic, myrtle and maritime pines, the result of a reforestation work by the regional forestry body of Sardinia.

Inside the park there are 5 oases that can be reached by car after a journey ranging from a minimum of 4 km to a maximum of 7 km.

Reaching the Bidderosa oasis:

For those coming from the north, take the state road 125 towards Orosei, upon reaching Km 236,500, turn left near a wooden sign with the sign of the oasis.
For those coming from the south, once you arrive in the town of Sos Alinos, go straight on and then turn right.

The entrance to the Bidderosa oasis is subject to a fee, at the entrance you will find the staff issuing the entrance ticket.

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