Beach Cala Brandinchi

Beach Cala Brandinchi

Just 10 minutes from the Residence La Rosa, Cala Brandinchi is considered one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, it is located in the territory of Municipality of San Teodoro along the island's east coast.
 Reach the Beach Cala Brandinchi from Residence La Rosa: starting from Porto San Paolo take road 125 south towards San Teodoro.
        In route to the Beach of Cala Brandinchi, will meet the villages of Vaccileddi, Monte Petrosu and Lutturai.
        Turn left following the direction to Capo Coda Cavallo.
        After turning, about 1km below, it is shown on a granite rock, you will find an indication of the right turn to Brandinchi.
Then you have to follow a dirt road, suitable for any type of car, up to the car parks in the shade of a forest of pine trees.
        To admire the Beach Cala Brandinchi, after parking the car, We have to walk 100m. coming directly on the beach.

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